Course with Richard Powers and Marie-Emilie and Julien
4 – 5 july 2020 – Hazebrouck – France (North)

Two days of historical dance workshop with Richard Powers (Stanford university – USA), and Marie-Emilie and Julien (France).

On the program: repertoire from the 19th and early 20th century, evening in a traditional Flemish tavern/Estaminet.


Saturday 4 july

Dances from the second part of 19th century :

Canon Galop Quadrille (Richard)

Kitchen’s lancers (Richard)

Etoile des valseurs (Marie-Emilie et Julien)

Other dances (Richard)

Sunday 5 july

Ragtime, 20’s and 30’s

– Maxixe (Marie-Emilie et Julien)

– Other dances (Richard)

The program is not yet fixed, it is likely to change before the course. The period worked, does not change.

Saturday night

Evening in a traditional flemish estaminet (reservation required)

At the « Het Blauwershof » in Godewaersvelde (you can try to say it very quickly)

(Carpool possible between Hazebrouck and Godewaersvelde)

Location and booking

Dance hall

Salle des Augustins

Place Degroote – Hazebrouck – France

Booking (contact us)

Price : 60€/person for the2 days

Limited number of places